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Bambew for Better
Business Outreach
Whether you’re an established business keeping tradition alive or a new business bringing new vigor to your neighborhood, small businesses are the building blocks of a community. But without the budget of major corporations, it can be difficult to get the word out.
Small Business
Engagement & Growth
Bambew enables local businesses to connect to consumers, offer special deals, and grow their client base. By combining the interactive messaging of a social-media-style feed with the consistency and control of professional digital marketing, Bambew is a one-stop-shop for B2C engagement sure to connect the whole neighborhood.
Keeping Businesses Connected
Get exposure and reach new customers
Send updates and messages to your followers via text, email and activity feed for free
payment processing
Launch deals, coupons, and accept payments with our intuitive QR code technology
App-free, account-free engagement for consumers, and intuitive account interface for businesses
Why Grow
With Bambew?
  1. Social Media Meets Direct Marketing.
    We combine the easily digestible newsfeed elements of social media with 100% guaranteed delivery rate of direct marketing via email and text at no cost.
  2. Free Text Messaging and Marketing.
    Most retail SMS providers require a contract and a setup fee of $99-$200 and can charge even more than that monthly. Bambew lets you reach your customers via SMS for free whenever you want.
  3. App-free, Account-Free Engagement.
    Unlike major social media solutions, Bambew requires no app or account for consumers to follow a business, so they don’t have to remember a pesky username and password to engage with you.
  4. Automatically Follow Favorite Businesses.
    After redeeming any claim, our auto-follow feature ensures that consumers are kept up to date on other offers and messages.
  5. Integrated Payment Processing.
    QR code receipts for special offers create a simple, integrated experience. This also means that employees can easily use it without all the privacy concerns that come from app or account-based platforms.